20-Jul-2018Moorpark, CA +11 milesEducation Jobs
I was born and raised in Moorpark, CA, and attended K-12 in Moorpark schools. I graduated from CSU Long Beach with my BS in Kinesiology: Exercise Science. I have background with a wide spectrum of subjects including: biology, chemistry, physics, biomechanics, geometry, and algebra. I stay active by surfing, and spend much of my time with metal fabrication.
20-Jul-2018Oxnard, CA +9 milesEducation Jobs
I love teaching Math, have many years of background (Ventura College and private lessons) and always encourage my students to be successful in school and life. Each person is different and therefore I will help and assist my students to select appropriate study strategies to find their way of understanding Math. I have a BS in Earth System Science and 2 AS Degrees Engineering and Math. Language...
20-Jul-2018Ojai, CA +21 milesEducation Jobs
I am a chemistry graduate.I did my bachelors and masters in chemistry. I love to teach chemistry. Chemistry is not hard as you think, if you get proper guidelines and explanation.I had background of teaching students who had never learned chemistry before.They started to love chemistry and got very good grades.I can make the chemistry enjoyable for you, even if you are the 1st time chemistry le...
20-Jul-2018Port Hueneme, CA +11 milesEducation Jobs
Hi, my name is Susanne, I'm 35 yrs old and moved to California in August 2015. My husband and I met while he was stationed with the Army in Germany. After University (I studied German language history and my 2nd degree is in European trade law), I worked as an export and customs sales manager for an international food company. As a German native speaker, I would be happy to help you learn the G...
20-Jul-2018Simi Valley, CA +18 milesEducation Jobs
Hi, my name is Diane Deroian. I am a friendly, fun-loving woman with a great sense of humor. Trying to learn something new can be an anxious and frustrating background for so many of us. We are constantly learning our entire lives, and things go much smoother when the 1 teaching us has the patience, knowledge, and love of learning. I am that person. I received a Bachelors of Art in English from...
20-Jul-2018Oxnard, CA +9 milesEducation Jobs
Hi I'm currently an undergraduate at UC Berkeley majoring in biology. In the future I plan on attending graduate school in hopes of becoming a professor or lecturer in the sciences. I enjoy helping my colleagues with understanding complex concepts and tackling problems in a very linear and organizable approach. Being a researcher (assistant) at 1 of the top research institutions in the world, I...
20-Jul-2018Fillmore, CA +15 milesEducation Jobs
Hello! My name is Emilio and I am going to tell you a little about myself. I was raised in Fillmore along with my 2 younger brothers. I graduated from Fillmore High-school and am currently a student of Cal State University Chico. It has been a very fun and challenging road to get to where I am. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication. I struggled quite a bit throughout my grade school years ...
20-Jul-2018Oxnard, CA +9 milesEducation Jobs
I have been a Math tutor for 2 yrs teaching grades 2-12. I am proficient in all higher level math subjects. I have completed all math courses in College to include Calculus and Trigonometry. I am currently studying Cyber Security at ITT Technical institute in Oxnard and I have been in California for 4yrs now. I was in El Paso Texas at UTEP studying Engineering. I love Math and enjoy helping oth...
20-Jul-2018Ojai, CA +21 milesEducation Jobs
Hi, my name is Scott Doyle and I finished my 2yrs of United States Peace Corps service in Paraguay in September 2015. I am fluent in Spanish; read, write and speak. I graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo (SLO) in December 2012 with bachelor's degree in Environmental Protection and Management. I tutor in math and Spanish.
20-Jul-2018Port Hueneme, CA +11 milesEducation Jobs
Dr. Alexander Bykovtsev, PE has over twenty years of geotechnical engineering background for geotechnical constructions in Russia, Uzbekistan, California, Texas and North Carolina with emphasis on Site-Specific Seismic Investigation with characterization of design ground motions/loads for seismic design input including time history simulations for Nuclear plants, High-rise buildings, Essential ...
20-Jul-2018Moorpark, CA +11 milesEducation Jobs
I am a Math and Science teacher. Math subjects taught include: sixth grade math, Pre -Algebra, Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 11, Financial Algebra and Trigonometry. Science subjects include: General Middle School Science (physical and life), Biology, and Human Physiology. I have tutored Math subjects from fifth grade to Pre-Calculus, as well as Biology, and Chemistry.
20-Jul-2018Thousand Oaks, CA +14 milesEducation Jobs
I am Dolly I am tutoring mathematics since 2006. I teach mathematics using quizzes and uzzles which makes mathematics fun. I have done my M.S. in mathematics in 2006 and B.S. in mathematics in 2004 being a gold medalist in mathematics my concepts in mathematics are very strong. I can teach mathematics for SAT,ACT,LSAT. I can also teach school level mathematics very effectively
20-Jul-2018Oxnard, CA +9 milesEducation Jobs
I am currently a high-school student I have maintained a 4.1 gpa and A's in my classes. Since I am still in school subjects won't be hard to recall. I can help with any basic subjects. Other than academics I can also tutor in graphic design, and art.
20-Jul-2018Agoura Hills, CA +19 milesEducation Jobs
Hello friends, I am a bi-lingual college graduate with background tutoring elementary school children. I have familiarity with AP/Honors curriculum, since I was always in AP all through high-school. My specialty is making learning relevant and fun! My hours are very flexible. Try me out, if you don't like me, your 1st tutoring hour is free!
I possess a unique combination of educational experiences, 8 years in primary education, 20 yrs professional experience in biotech and life science industries. I enjoy to sharing my knowledge and experiences with younger generations.
20-Jul-2018Ventura, CA +18 milesEducation Jobs
I have a Professional Clear Multiple Subject Teaching Credential w/the CLAD emphasis (to teach English as a 2nd language) and a Supplementary Authorization in English. To varying degrees, I have taught and worked with students from pre-school age through ninth grade in both the public and private sector. I have tutored and home-schooled students of various grade levels. I have conducted Interve...
20-Jul-2018Oxnard, CA +9 milesEducation Jobs
Hello! I am a junior in Pacifica high-school who is always ready and eager to teach others. I have tutored kids before and I feel as if I have a general understanding in the way kids learn. I work with both student and parent to try and help them see what works and what doesn't.
20-Jul-2018Ventura, CA +18 milesEducation Jobs
I am a college student working towards my degree in Elementary Education. I recently resigned from the Navy at the United States Naval Academy after 2 years with honorable discharge in order to pursue a career in teaching. I played Division one Volleyball while at the USNA. I graduated High-school from Saint Augustine Academy in 2014 where I graduated 3rd in my class. I played Varsity volleybal...
20-Jul-2018Oxnard, CA +9 milesEducation Jobs
I am currently working towards applying to medical school. I have been involved in tutoring students since I was in high-school. I understand what a big impact a tutor can make in a student's life by providing confidence and success.
Hi , i am Jasmine From China , i want to provide a position that is teaching English in China as a foreign teacher. We provide free apartment and if you sign us for 1yr we also provide you air ticket subsidy once a year. If you are interested in this position you can write me letter and my email address is: XXXX@qq.com. Or you can contact me in what s app at +8615567582490. And there are 27 cou...
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